Terms You Will Hear

HHSTB – Hebron High School Theatre Boosters

Advanced Freshman Company – The 9th Grade Advanced Theatre class on the 9th Grade campus.

Children’s Theatre Company – a brand new touring company with a home on the main campus.

JV Company – The Junior Varsity Advanced Theatre class on the main campus.

Varsity Company – The Varsity Advanced Theatre class. 4th period on the main campus.

Varsity Tech Company – The Varsity Advanced Tech Theatre class.  4th period on the main campus.

Funny Side Up – Our Improv Troupe open to all theatre students

Class Fees – These are the costs your student incurs as a member of an advanced theatre company.

Show Fees - These are the costs your student incurs once cast in a particular show.  They are due within two weeks of casting.

Drama A – Ms. Berry’s classroom located in the Fine Arts hall of the main campus. 

Drama B – Mr. Crew’s classroom. To get there from any of the main entrances, find the hanging sign off the main hallway and enter the fine arts hall. This is where all of the booster club meetings are held when we are allowed to be on campus.

C107 – Ms. Thornburg’s classroom in HHS9 (the Freshman Center)

The Lockbox – An actual metal lockbox hanging on the wall inside the office in Drama A and Mrs. Thornburg’s room.  You can turn in all of your payments in a clearly labeled envelope here OR you can pay on our website.

Squad Funds – Our biggest fundraiser of the year.  It’s all done online and in class.  Your student will need 20 email addresses of people who won’t mind him/her asking for a donation.  Yes – they need to be real email addresses.  It’s hugely successful.  Our goal is $15,000.

Auditions – Each show has an audition process and will post a cast/crew list on the website’s virtual callboard.

Call Backs – Not everyone gets a call back.  That doesn’t mean that they did not make the show.  Sometimes, the Director already knows what role your student will play for that particular show and has no need to see him/her again.  Don’t freak out!  Don’t let your student freak out!  Just breathe.  

Call Times – Each show has a calendar in Google Classroom that states the rehearsal schedule for each day from auditions to cast party.  These change frequently so check them daily to know your student’s rehearsal schedule based on what role they play in each production.  (You will need to login as your student – talk to them for how.)

Tech Week – The week of each show is Tech Week.  Your student will stay later than usual if they are part of the cast/crew for the show as they put the finishing touches on the polished play we see.

Rehearsal Blacks – Required rehearsal attire.  A solid black t-shirt and black pants.  This allows for mobility and function for any role.  These must be purchased on your own and brought with you to the first day of blocking.

SignUp Genius – The Volunteer Coordinator will create a SignUp Genius for each volunteer opportunity.  Whether it’s for a show or an event, you will know our volunteer needs and have the chance to contribute your time or supplies. We need everyone’s help regularly so please find a way to contribute during the run of each show.  EACH FAMILY IS EXPECTED TO VOLUNTEER FOR (2) SPOTS EACH YEAR – MUSICAL SERVICE DOES NOT COUNT TOWARD THIS AS IT IS ITS OWN SEPARATE ENTITY.

Good Show Gifts – These are special little gifts that are show specific.  You can purchase one to send backstage to your student or his/her best friends.  Come with your list of who gets what from your student for each show.

Spirit Night – Local restaurants partner with HHSTB to drive traffic to their restaurant and help us fund our plays.  We will have one every other month so watch for the announcements on social media.

UIL OAP – UIL One Act Play is our 40-minute  one act play that competes with other high schools in a theatre tournament of sorts.  We start off with the Zone competition.  If we advance, we go on to District.  Then comes Bi-District, Area and Region before moving on to the State UIL OAP competition.  We have to advance at each level to continue.  The show we perform at Zone changes with each judge’s critique until you see the final version at the public showing performed at HHS sometime in April.

Spring Musical – This year we’re trying something new – a Spring Musical – just for Advanced Theatre students.

Showcase – A Showcase is a show that has scenes from different plays performed as solo monologues or in small groups.  It’s a great way to show off what the students are doing in class.