About Us

The mission of Hebron High School Theatre (Hebron Theatre Company) is to expose our students and community to opportunities that will foster a lifelong appreciation of theatre arts.  The Hebron Theatre Department believes that:


1) Every student will have the opportunity to experience an innovative, artistic learning environment that promotes higher level thinking

2) A successful learning environment involves integrity, accountability and honesty

3) Students are offered an inclusive, family-oriented community that promotes compassion and the opportunity to forge relationships

4) Students will learn how to balance academic, extracurricular and personal responsibilities that will prepare them for the future


Hebron Theatre offers a program of study geared to the serious high school student of theatre in a pre-professional environment.  The program focuses on 4 years of training in movement, voice, characterization and other aspects of theatre such as playwright studies, monologue preparation and directing.  Students will grow and flourish in a rigorous, supportive environment that requires dedication, commitment and a strong sense of personal responsibility.  Hebron Theatre students will showcase their training in a series of public performances including a musical, a UIL One Act Play and other Fall and Spring shows.


Theatre as taught in high schools is intended to fulfill four basic purposes:

1) THEATRE AS PERSONAL INSIGHT to enhance students’ own growth and development, self-discovery, developing self-confidence, teaching group work, etc.

2) THEATRE AS LIFE ENRICHMENT to produce aesthetically responsive citizens with life-long interest in the arts.

3) THEATRE AS SOCIAL AND RECREATION ACTIVITY giving the student a break from academic activities, fulfilling the same needs of a sports activity.

4) THEATRE AS TRAINING as preparation for continue and future studies in the field.