Hebron High School Theatre Boosters

We are the parents, guardians, supporters and fans of the Hebron Theatre Company.  We support the students and Directors in every way we can.  We support each other, too!  We are commonly known as HHSTB.

  • We meet once a month from 6:15-7:15pm in Drama B on the main campus.
  • We have Officers and a Board (President, 1st VP – Fundraising, 2nd VP – Publicity, Secretary, Treasurer, Hospitality, Concessions, Good Show Gifts, Volunteers, Meals, Ticket Sales, Lobby Décor and Swag). We have bylaws, and we operate under Robert’s Rules of Order.
  • The Directors have a school budget. That, combined with our Class Fees, Show Fees and Booster fundraising budget allows our Directors to put on 5-10 shows/showcases each year. This covers everything from the rights to each script, to sets, lighting and costumes, etc.
  • We also manage a separate budget for the school-wide musical each year.
  • We fundraise through a variety of activities.
  • We participate in the Squad Funds fundraiser at the beginning of each year. This requires no selling of any sort. Your student needs 20 email addresses – aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, etc.  During class, they send out an email through Squad Funds that explains the needs of our department.  Squad Funds collects the money, and we get a check.  It’s that easy!
  • We offer local businesses the opportunity to partner with Hebron Theatre Company and become a sponsor.
  • We host Spirit Nights regularly at local restaurants for a percentage of the HHSTB proceeds.
  • We have car washes during the warm months.
  • We sell car decals and yard signs to any and everyone.
  • We sell tamales.
  • We offer Swag (or Spirit Wear as other, less fun clubs call it.)
  • We provide publicity for each show and support our Thespian Troupe's publicity efforts throughout the year.
  • We print the show posters.
  • We have a Facebook page: Hebron High School Theatre Boosters.
  • Twitter: @hebrontheatre
  • Instagram: hawktheatreco
  • We organize volunteers to help with each show of each production.
  • We sell tickets at the event.
  • We sell concessions (candy, chips, soft drinks, water, etc.) that are donated by HHSTB families.
  • We sell good show gifts (GSG) that are specially created for each show by our GSG Team.
  • We offer ushering help for those who need it.
  • We create the cast wall for each show.
  • We host a red-carpet event for the musical.
  • We feed our actors, techies and directors during each show’s tech week and some performances.
  • We provide funds for a Homecoming Parade and the cast/crew party for the musical.
  • We support our Thespians (Troupe #6069).
  • We host an end-of-the year banquet where we hand out awards and scholarships.
  • We host one round of OAP for high schools (Zone, District or Bi-District). We provide meals for not only our actors, techies and Directors, but also the Contest Manager, Judges, Timekeeper and participating Directors as well as a Hospitality Room for their convenience.

Once you pay your student's Class Fees you are a member of HHSTB!


Our Board is made up of fun-loving individuals working together for a common goal. Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership for the 2022-23 school year. Get to know their names, and feel free to contact them if you have questions.


Interested in open board or committee positions highlighted in yellow? Contact us!